Taser report: Use of force statistics

Taser report: Use of force statistics

  • Date: January 2021
  • Authors: @WheresAlice & @kimadactyl
  • Purpose: Resistance Lab Taser Report
  • Replaces: 0001-use-of-force
  • Changes: Adds 2019-2020 data to the original analysis

Initial work done towards Taser report. This is a deep dive into the Use of Force statistics, which are in a very unfriendly but seemingly complete format. There are three graphs this data is intended for use with:

  • Police Taser use disproportional use against Black and Brown people
  • Police Taser use against children and young people
  • Police Taser use against people with mental and physical health conditions

It is safe to sum individual types of force across multiple police forces, however it is not safe to sum different types of force.

For each a melted data source has been added. We have also created a data mapping as the source spreadsheet implies a hierarchy of data that doesn’t make sense out of context.

Reading the User Guide is essential to interpret these stats.